Acoustical Curtain Attached to Free Standing Fencing Sound Curtain for Construction Noise

AcousticalFencing is a local temporary noise fencing factory located in China. Our goal is to provide you with an ideal living space with transparency, integrity, quality and vision. Our company invested big money, cooperated with universities, and introduced foreign advanced technology and equipments, which can give our company good technical capabilities.

Sound Acoustic Fencing With Grommets Sound Enclosure Sound Canvas Barriers Industrial Curtains

1. I want to order the noise reduction fences. With size do you have? Most seem like a tarp on one side, but I am wondering if that can be customized?
2. I am trying to find out pricing for units and pricing for installation. I would love to be able to obtain more information.
3. How much per tile and what are measurements of each tile? We are a trading & contracting company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
4. We are looking for an estimate on replacing our current room dividing wall it roughly 29ft length by 12 ft height.

Acoustic Fence Solutions Portable Acoustical Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence

Our products are not only sold well in the domestic market, but also exported to Ukraine, Russian Federation, Singapore, India, Brazil, Cambodia, United States, Moldova, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Aruba, Vatican, and many other countries.

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