Don’t be misled by how big this breed, the Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, is really a feisty and courageous dog. Today, this breed can be regarded as a glamorous and trendy pet and it is recognizable by its characteristic lengthy, smooth coat of steel bluish and tan hairs. Want to know more about ratterrierspuppies.com? Visit our website for more information.


This breed goes back a bit more than a century once the Waterside Terrier, Paisley Terrier and Manchester Terrier were crossbred in England to produce a new breed of Terrier. The Yorkshire Terrier grew to become popular in america within the late 1800s. This breed was initially produced by working men to chase rats and penetrate fox holes and burrows produced by badgers.


Considered a Toy breed, the Yorkshire Terrier includes a lengthy, smooth, straight and fine coat that always falls almost towards the floor on sides from the dog. The coat is really a steel blue around the tail and the body with tan hairs around the mind, muzzle, ears minimizing legs. The ears are v-formed which help erect. The tail is generally docked to half its length and it is transported level using the back. The muzzle may not be lengthy, having a black nose. This non-shedding breed will work for individuals with allergic reactions.

Your body from the Yorkie is compact and well-proportioned, having a straight back along with a flat mind. This breed actually reaches about 7-9 inches tall and weights about 7 pounds at their adult years.


Yorkshire Terriers are bold and independent dogs, active willing and able for adventure. They’re intelligent and simple to coach, having the ability to remember a multiple instructions. Frequently referred to as feisty, the Yorkie makes great competitors in sports and agility activities. Although these dogs are renowned for their independence, they are doing desire the attention of the owner and therefore are very loyal and affectionate buddies. They don’t take easily to other people or new dogs and may become aggressive. However, this trait means they are excellent watchdogs. This breed isn’t suggested for really small children.

Bold and inquisitive, the Yorkshire Terrier loves to be busy and it is wanting to play, and frequently will get into a variety of high jinks.


Because of their size, Yorkshire Terriers possess a inclination towards fragile bones and falls or high jumps can frequently result in joint pain. This is why this breed is prone to paralysis from the hindquarters. Some Yorkies may be vulnerable to bronchitis, while others may have delicate digestion. It’s best to prevent exotic treats with this breed. Because this breed frequently encounters early cavities, their teeth have to be cleaned regularly with a Vet. The smaller sized “teacup” Yorkie is much more vulnerable to health insurance and behavior problems.

Regular grooming is very essential for this breed, although it doesn’t shed. Daily brushing is suggested, with regular trimming if needed. Because the hair around the mind grows lengthy, it is almost always tied having a bow or band to permit the Yorkie to determine better and also to avoid the hair from falling in to the food while it eats. To know more, visit ratterrierspuppies.com for more information.

The existence expectancy from the Yorkshire Terrier is 12 to fifteen years.