Best bass fishing rod 2020

Although I actually do enjoy freshwater fishing, ocean fishing is my true passion. Like a Briton, I’ve a nearly mystical regard for that ocean but for the myriad creatures that inhabit it. Frankly, I’m able to consider nothing much better than casting a line in to the ocean and waiting with patience for any strike. Then your fight begins! I’ve got a particular liking for bass, then when a fish takes my lure, I am always wishing it’s one of these simple clever and agile fighters. When I am out for bass in brine, I am sure to take my most durable ocean fishing tackle. One bit of gear I achieve for frequently is my Shakespeare Salt Extreme bass fishing rod. Here’s why I love it a lot. Want to know more about the best bass fishing rod 2020? Visit our website for more information.

Key Options that come with the Shakespeare Salt Extreme Bass Fishing Rod

The Salt Extreme is really a relatively new accessory for the Shakespeare products. It’s skilfully made to handle a multitude of bass fishing locales and types of conditions almost anyplace within the United kingdom. I particularly like this the Salt Extreme is made of a sturdy carbon blank having a slim and stylish profile. The correct answer is versatile too, being rung to consider whether multiplier or fixed spool reel. Another factor I appreciate would be that the rod comes with an optimal mixture of a medium fast taper action with lots of stiffness within the butt. Whether I am fishing within an estuary or perhaps in the ocean itself, this rod is definitely comparable to the job, and it has couple of issues with rough ground.

Much More About the Shakespeare Salt Extreme Bass Fishing Rod

Fitted with quality Fuji guides, this rod also offers spigot joints which make for any secure fit. Another key feature may be the butt gimbal that enables me to utilize a rod bucket when fighting bigger fish. The Salt Extreme includes a fast action in addition to a glazed tip. To safeguard the rod, it arrives with a safety blue X wrap shrink tube. Try not to simply take my word for the caliber of this rod: Know it had become designed along with Mike Thrussel, a famous and highly respected ocean fishing consultant and journalist. Like several Shakespeare products, the Salt Extreme has gone through rigorous testing to ensure both performance and quality. All of these features converge with what I say is a best at school bit of tackle for ocean fishing anglers:

Final Ideas around the Salt Extreme Bass Rod

For me personally, the most crucial features when you compare bass rod are torque resistance and balance. This Shakespeare rod does not dissatisfy either in regard. The rod’s length suits it perfectly not just for bass but in addition for pollack, bream, plaice and dabs. This truly is a superb all-around rod that costs a really competitive cost, about £75.99, including VAT and shipping. To know more, visit for more information.

For anglers much like me who appreciate quality ocean fishing tackle, the Shakespeare Salt Extreme bass fishing rod is a superb choice. My rating? 4.5 from a potential 5 stars.